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Capital Projects

Mission:  To secure resources and deliver housing and infrastructure services that meets the health and safety needs of WMFN members, WMFN administration, and the Nation as a whole.

Education Department Icon


Mission:  To support WMFN membership in lifelong learning.

Finance Department Icon


Mission:  To ensure WMFN’s finances are well-managed.

Health Department Icon


Mission:  To support WMFN members’ physical, mental, cultural, social and spiritual well-being.

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Information Systems & Programs

Mission:  To maintain the operation of WMFN technology & information systems, and to assist all other WMFN departments & staff with the technological aspects of their missions & visions.

Lands Department Icon


Mission:  As keepers of the land (askiwi pimwatsiwin), we ensure that our inherent aboriginal and treaty rights are understood, honoured, protected, and exercised in accordance with our traditions and practices.

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