West Moberly Call to Videographers for Expression of Interest


Applications Close: Until Filled

West Moberly First Nations (“West Moberly”) is a Treaty 8 Nation located in Northeast British Columbia. We are a community of Dunne-za, Saulteau and Cree people and our use of the land here goes back thousands of years. West Moberly’s Lands Use Department (“Lands”) is responsible for carrying out activities pertaining to protection of treaty rights and environmental planning, assessment, and management.
We are seeking expressions of interest from experienced and emerging videographers.


The vision is for the videographer to work with Lands on an as-needed basis for different projects throughout the year. The goal is for the work to foster engagement with the land. We have a budget of up to $50,000 for this work.


Original Work:

The videographer must guarantee that their artwork will be original and will not violate the copyright of any other individual or group.
The videographer shall defend, at its own expense, any action brought against West Moberly to the extent that it is based on a claim that the information, material and product supplied by the videographer under the agreement infringes on copyright, patent, design or any other similar right, and the videographer shall pay any cost and damages awarded against West Moberly.


The videographer must be prepared to grant ownership and license of copyright right/reproduction rights of the work product to West Moberly. The videographer shall retain the right to be identified as the creator of the work as well as copyright of the work. West Moberly reserves the right to edit and re-use the work as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Tamara Dokkie by email: tamara.dokkie@westmo.org

Not a Solicitation Process.

Note that this is not a tender process, nor a request for proposals, but only an inquiry as to the availability for this type of work. West Moberly will not necessarily invite offers, or enter into contracts, and may not post any future ads related to this request.


How to Apply

Interested parties are requested to submit their EOI by email to Tamara Dokkie by email: tamara.dokkie@westmo.org.

Videographers must include the following to be considered:

1. Contact Information
Provide your contact information (name, phone, email)

2. Statement
Brief statement (150 words) expressing why this project appeals to you, and outlining relevant experience. Include a resume and/or biography (1 page maximum)

3. Portfolio
Include files of or links to your past work. Please be clear about which works or series are reflective of your work.

4. Budget or Rates
Please note that the budget is not to exceed the maximum, all-inclusive total of $50,000 CAD (including but not limited to: transportation, time to obtain raw footage, editing, GST and insurance). You are expected to use your own equipment and editing software.

5. References
Two references.

Until Filled
As this may be the only call to submit an EOI, interested respondents should provide their response via email

Conflict of Interest:
Respondents are asked to disclose in their EOI any actual or potential conflicts of interest and existing business relationships they may have with West Moberly.