Request for Expressions of Interest for a Licensed Land Surveyor


Applications Close: February 26, 2024 by 4:30pm MST

January 25, 2024

Re: Request for Expressions of Interest for a Licensed Land Surveyor

Background: West Moberly First Nations (“West Moberly”) has entered into an agreement with Canada and British Columbia as part of their Treaty Land Entitlement (“TLE”) settlement. As part of the TLE settlement, West Moberly must obtain a survey of selected parcels of Crown land in northeastern British Columbia.

Purpose & Objectives: WMFN is inviting interested companies and/or professionals to submit an Expression of Interest (“EOI”) to survey and produce a survey report regarding the following WMFN TLE land selection parcels (“Subject Properties”)

Parcel Name: Hudson’s Hope School            Due Date: Spring 2024

The survey must be conducted according to the WMFN Lands Agreement settled between West Moberly, British Columbia, and Canada, and according to the survey instructions provided by British Columbia. The surveyor will also be responsible to mark the border of the land parcel with appropriate ribbon and/or wooden stakes.



Qualifications & Experience: West Moberly is seeking a professional or team, to produce a completed, professional, and precise survey. Desired credentials, capabilities, and qualifications include:

  • Valid, up to date accreditation and certification, including to be a land surveyor registered to practice land surveying in British Columbia with the Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors, with at least 10 years' experience as a registered land surveyor.
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of Canada Lands surveys and reserve land.
  • Commitment and desire to working with Indigenous groups and communities.
  • Preference given to those with experience working collaboratively with Indigenous groups and communities especially with West Moberly First Nations.

Information provided in the EOI by interested parties should include:

  • Introduction - summarize any unique experience, skill sets, approaches, or understanding of the scope of work that you think would be relevant.
  • Profile - identify relevant background, education, and lived or worked experience relevant to this role.
    • In this section, proponents are invited to self-identify their relationship to West Moberly or another Indigenous community.
  • Experience - identify your experience with similar projects.
  • Timeline: projected dates for completion of deliverables
    • Fees – A fee breakdown for this work per land parcel, including travel costs, outlining assumptions and limitations of work; and estimated timeline.
    • Resources – please provide your CV and/or the CV of any team members available for or assisting with this work.
    • References – provide at least 2 references.

Conflict of Interest:
Respondents are asked to disclose in their EOI any actual or potential conflicts of interest and existing business relationships they may have with West Moberly.

How to Apply

EOI Package Details:
To receive a full EOI package which includes the survey instructions, maps, and parcel details, interested parties are to contact: Tammy Brown, TLE Lead, WMFN Land Use Manager,

EOI Submissions:
Completed EOI’s are to be submitted to: Tammy Brown, TLE Lead, WMFN Land Use Manager,

Submission deadline:
Interested respondents should provide their response via email by 4:30 pm MST on February 26, 2024 Any response received after this date may not be considered.

Additional Information For more information, please contact Tammy Brown, TLE Lead,