Little Prairie Community Forest Inc. Wildfire Risk Reduction Program

The Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia (FESBC) has provided funding to BC Community Forests to fund projects that will reduce wildfire risks and support local jobs opportunities.

Little Prairie Community Forest Inc. is proud to be included in this program and will be conducting Wildfire Risk Reduction operations in the Chetwynd Community Forest.

Wildfire risk reduction treatment prescriptions identify where and how to reduce wildfire risks in particular areas.  The treatments involve some level of harvesting that thins out the forest, and by cutting back underbrush, removing low branches, removing ground fuels, and burning small woody debris piles to remove flammable materials.

The WRR work will begin in early October, and Little Prairie Community Forest Inc is asking people who are using the Community Forest for recreation to be aware of increased traffic and logging activities in the area. The areas will be signed for your safety.