Klinse-Za Caribou Maternal Release

“The Klinse-Za maternal penning project is an initiative of West Moberly First Nations and Saulteau First Nations in partnership with the technical expertise of Wildlife Infometrics Inc. and West Fraser. The project represents implementation of an emergency measure recovery action recommended for the Klinse-Za caribou herd in a recovery action plan developed by West Moberly First Nations. The maternal pen was also recommended by the Government in a plan for the ongoing management of caribou in the South Peace are of British Columbia.  By implementing the project, the First Nations communities are taking steps to avert extirpation of the Klinse-Za herd (now only 22 animals) by protecting pregnant cows and calves from excessive predation during the calving season. The project is being implemented with guidance from a variety of teams and on the basis of sponsor funding from a variety of donors.

Thanks to the following for their support during pen construction and capture/transport of caribou: West Moberly First  Nations (Ryan Desjarlais, Bobby Brown, Wayne Brown, Derrick Cryingman), Saulteau First Nations (Harley Davis, Bea Gauthier, Tim Paquette, Robert Thomas), Carpenters (John Bedell, Brian Bedell, Kelly Tricker), Pilots (Greg Altoft, Ryan Madley, Shawn Stone, Clayton Bosman), Capture (Brad and Diane Culling), Vetinarians (Bryan Macbeth, Jane Harms, Owen Slater), Lodging and meals (Edith and Dennis Smith).” --- excerpts from Maternal Penning to Enhance Survival of Cow Caribou and their Calves within the Klinse-Za Caribou Herd (Scott McNay)