Tenant Relations Officer Intern


Applications Close: September 30, 2022

The Tenant Relations Officer Intern (Trainee) is a Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) funded position under their Housing Internship Initiative for Youth (HIIY) Program; where the incumbent Trainee must be of First Nations or Inuit Youth, aged between 15 and 30 years old at the beginning of the Program. Although for this position due to some of the work scheduling, licensing, and training requirements, the preferred candidate will be 19 years old or older, and not a full-time student.

The Trainee does not have to live in a First Nations or Inuit community. However, they cannot be employed somewhere else during the internship or receive Employment Insurance while in the Program. If the Trainee is already receiving EI benefits, they must discontinue them before starting the internship. The Program will last for less than one year (maximum of 50 weeks), with potential for extension for up to an additional year (based on approved annual applications).

The goal is for the Trainee to evolve into a permanent, full-time position as a Tenant Relations Officer for WMFN at the end of the Internship.

The Trainee is responsible for the management of tenant relations and enforcement of housing policies with WMFN tenants and homeowners and providing administrative support to the West Moberly First Nations (WMFN) Housing & Capital Projects Manager. This role coordinates the tenant relations work with on and off-reserve community members, and administrative work of the Housing and Capital Projects Departments, to ensure the office and work runs smoothly.


  • Comply with submission of:
    • Criminal Records Check, including Vulnerable Sectors.
    • Current driver’s License and Driver’s Abstract.
    • Oath of Confidentiality; and
  • Take direction from Housing & Capital Projects Manager, and/or the Housing Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Manage relations with WMFN tenants and homeowners, including:
    • Work with tenants to help them understand and fulfill their housing responsibilities regarding their assigned residential unit by sharing information on housing programs and services, and enforcing the Housing Policies;
    • Complete an interview/home visit for community members applying for residential housing assistance to confirm eligibility, and counsel applicants on roles and responsibilities for the housing programs; and
    • Conduct administrative activities.
  • Coordinate receipt and implementation of Housing Maintenance Requests from tenants and homeowners and Housing Maintenance staff.
  • Advise Housing & Capital Projects Manager and Housing Maintenance Supervisor of any deficiencies within the implementation of Housing and Capital Projects’ Department policies.
  • Provide procurement assistance in keeping inventory of supplies replenished as needed for Capital Projects, and Housing.
  • Provide quality control of the Community Communications to its members from the Capital Projects, Housing and Housing Maintenance Departments and offices.
  • Other housing and capital projects administrative duties as requested; and
  • Comply with all WMFN Policies, procedures, and protocols.


  • Maintain effective administrative systems and procedures for the Housing and Capital Projects Departments, including central files of all documents for Housing & Capital Projects Manager.
  • Provide issues management support by anticipating, identifying, monitoring, analyzing, and responding to tenant and/or homeowner issues effecting the Housing and Capital Projects Departments.
  • Provide quality control of contents, formats and presentations of Briefing Notes, Decision Notes, Monthly Arrears Reports, Band General Reports, Annual General Meeting Reports, and correspondence with WMFN Tenants and Homeowners.
  • Assist the Housing & Capital Projects Manager and Housing Maintenance Supervisor with filing, records management, information gathering, correspondence, communications, minute-taking, procurement, scheduling, travel arrangements, etc. as directed:
    • Some of this work may entail working with the Finance Dept. in gathering information for reports, and to input information directly related to Housing and Capital Projects into the appropriate information and filing systems.
  • Organize and prioritize material for approval/review and ensure that urgent matters receive the Housing & Capital Manager’s prompt attention.
  • Assist with planning and implementing both oral and written communication, edit correspondence, receive advice from other programs and ensure all relevant staff are kept up to date.
  • Take detailed messages when the Housing & Capital Projects Manager or the Housing Maintenance Supervisor are not available to take a phone call and ensure the receive any urgent messages or fax within in a timely manner; and
  • Prepare membership monthly newsletter and mass mail-out submissions with highlights of the month, Housing and Capital Projects reports, contact names for additional information, etc.


  • Organize meetings, ensuring agendas are prepared, research completed and the Housing & Capital Projects Manager and/or the Housing Maintenance Supervisor are prepared with appropriate materials and logistics are considered for meetings with WMFN tenants and/or homeowners; and

General Office Duties:

  • Liaise with outside agencies and contractors, vendors and/or delivery personnel, public, membership, clients and WMFN Housing staff.
  • Maintain adequate office supplies and develop forms, notices, and business cards.
  • Refer membership inquiries to appropriate department or individuals.
  • Provide general computer support to the Housing & Capital Projects Manager and the Housing Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Ensure Housing & Capital Projects Manager and Housing Maintenance Supervisor have current names and mailing addresses for membership.
  • Ensure all work is done in accordance with the West Moberly First Nations Policies, procedures, and protocols.
  • Maintain a professional office environment, including tidiness, appropriate recycling, etc.
  • Maintain client/member information.
  • Review documentation to ensure completeness and appropriate calculations are accurate and that financial coding is correct, identifying discrepancies such as wrong account numbers, amounts missing and missing signatures.
  • Answer all inquiries from contractors regarding status of payment of invoices, billing procedures and general contractors regarding status of payment of invoices, billing procedures and general contract administration; and
  • Process rent/mortgage payments, ensuring proper account coding and written receipts are provided. Advice housing department of all payments made or missed.

Other Duties

  • Reconcile accounts and prepare reports.
  • Assist with data entry.
  • Maintain capital asset documentation.
  • Other duties as requested.


Competencies and Skills:

Education and Work Experience:

  • High school diploma.
  • Valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle on a daily basis.
  • Must provide consent to a Criminal Record Check, including Vulnerable Sectors Check, and have no criminal convictions.
  • Be able to travel within the community and to workshops/training outside the Nation.
  • Post-secondary education or formal training in office administration, human resources, finance, bookkeeping, etc. preferred.
  • Previous experience, preferably within a First Nations environment is preferred; and
  • Understanding or willingness to learn of First Nations Governance.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Skills and Abilities:

  • Effective listening skills and verbal communication skills;
  • Good negotiation and conflict resolution skills;
  • Ability to effectively communicate in writing, prepare letters to tenants/homeowners, reports to the Housing Manager;
  • Good computer skills; ability to work in spreadsheets and word processing programs;
  • Ability to comprehend policy manuals and legal documents (e.g., rental agreements etc.);
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills;
  • Strong time management skills including ability to prioritize and complete tasks within specified time frames;
  • Ability to deal effectively with stress which may arise when dealing with tenants, in emergency situations and as a result of deadlines associated with this position;
  • Ability to work effectively, both independently and as part of a team, and
  • Ability to adhere to WMFN Policies and Procedures.


  • A working knowledge of WMFN residential housing program preferred;
  • Awareness of WMFN history, culture, and community concerns preferred; and
  • The ability to develop a comprehensive knowledge of WMFN housing programs and services, housing policies and all aspects of tenant/homeowner relations.

How to Apply

Application Process

The WMFN Housing Dept. is posting for a Tenant Relations Officer Intern to work as a member of the Housing Dept. Team. Only Indigenous Youth aged 15-30 years of age to apply. Hours of work will be Mon-Thurs 8:00AM – 4:30PM, and every other Fri 8:00AM-2:30PM.

Please submit resume to:

The Job Posting opens September 2, 2022 and closes as of 4:30PM September 16, 2022.