Junior Guardian - Summer Youth Position


Applications Close: Ongoing


The Jr Guardian’s main work environment will be located at the West Moberly First Nations Lands Office. The Junior Environmental guardian summer students will conduct guardian work within the community and on the land with the supervision of the WMFN Operations Coordinator and the West Moberly Land Use Manager. These positions will provide work experience and training. This is a summer student program that will provide full-time employment for 8 weeks.


Research & Field Work:
WMFN Lands Department may have any number of projects ongoing. A main duty of the Junior Environmental Guardian is to provide assistance to in these projects. They will be required to assist other lands staff in their duties as directed.

This work may include, GPS culturally relevant sites and information; photo evidence, potential interviews, archaeology work, game camera work, planting/retrieving plants. Examples of potential projects that may require field work or research: Community Camera Placement, Mineral Lick Study Work, Camp Study Work, Community Berry and Medicinal Plant Project, Eagle and Swan Project, Muskrat Project, Caribou Protection Project, Watershed Monitoring Project, Trail Study

Other duties may include travelling with the Conservation Officer, WMFN Environmental and Caribou guardians to monitor events on the land, check cameras/place cameras in remote locations, and other guardian type projects the LUM deems necessary.

The students will also participate in the retrieving seedlings within the Site C flood zone to store and plant elsewhere.

Various training opportunities (IE, Clerical, GPS training, First Aid, Drone etc), working with other students in other departments and working with other employees within the department.

The Junior Environmental Guardian will also assist in other WMFN events and activities as determined by West Moberly Lands Manager.


Education and Work Experience:

  • Student or youth between 15-30 years old.
  • Available for full-time employment until September
  • Reliable and self-motivated with a positive attitude
  • An ability to communicate professionally with clients, staff, and management.
  • Must have good written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment criminal check
  • Some experience with using a variety of computerized software packages such as Microsoft Office Suite and Internet.

How to Apply

Email cover letter and resume to: jobs@westmo.org