Dean Dokkie

Dokkie Family Councillor
Office phone, ext.: 
250.788.1065 ext 224

Dean Dokkie commenced his life career as a Manager for his community the West Moberly First Nation in 1981. Dean maintained the position for six years and then returned to continue his studies at the University College of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, B.C. focusing on Political Science and Anthropology. Since then Dean has worked for many First Nations and Tribal Councils implementing First Nations initiatives and projects as Senior Management in various locations in Western Canada and Northwest United States. In the past 30 plus years Dean’s primary role has been working with First Nation leadership in areas of Oil and Gas, Forestry and Mining Industries. His extensive knowledge and experience have guided him to many accomplishments that benefit First Nation communities, Governments and Industries, ultimately specializing in Human Resources. Being a member of the West Moberly First Nation, Dean acquired his traditional knowledge and skills as trained by his father Chief John Dokkie Sr. who was the Hereditary Chief of the West Moberly Dunne’ Za/Cree Nation in Northeast British Columbia.